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About Bhutan Eco Holidays

The Bhutan Eco Holidays is basically focusing on the responsible tourism on environment and culture. Its more concern on eco tourism which intend as a low-impact alternative to huge number of tourist visiting the country for spending quality time of holidays. Its idea is to create awareness and appreciate about the importance of available pristine nature and its conversation. On the other hand, it is equally emphasize on promoting and improving cross cultural understanding in the region.
Bhutan Eco Holidays felt seriously that now it is the right time to have a responsible firm focusing on ecotourism along with other forms of touring. This gives the perfect platform to manage and facilitate responsible travel in natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of people. This has the strong connection to the development planning process of Kingdom of Bhutan called Gross National Happiness. Ecotourism in Bhutan will highly benefits people in various ways like social and environment development.

Ecotourism is a growing segment of the global tourism industry that is making significant positive contributions to the environmental, social, cultural and economic well-being of destinations and local communities around the world. Offering market-linked long-term solutions, ecotourism provides effective economic incentives for conserving and enhancing bio-cultural diversity and helps protect the natural and cultural heritage of our beautiful planet. By increasing capacity building opportunities, ecotourism is also an effective vehicle for empowering local communities around the world to fight against poverty and to achieve sustainable development. Furthermore, ecotourism has provided an impetus to assist in greening the tourism industry on many fronts.

Main services includes following among others:

  1. Providing customize and tailored tour programme such as  trekking, cultural sightseeing, hiking and other specialized tour in Bhutan
  2. Process Visa and route permit
  3. Assist in booking flight tickets connecting Bhutan
  4. Arrangement of accommodations,home stay and Transportation for the whole trip in Bhutan
  5. Provide professional guide fluent in English as well other languages such as Japanese, Chinese and others as required
  6. Make tailored tour programme in the region to Nepal and India
  7. Organize events, conference, meetings   and other appointments with the CSO, Government agencies as well any other focal points.


Rekha Gurung
Managing Director
Bhutan Eco Holiday,Thimphu : Bhutan